Saturday, June 28, 2014

A Special Kind of Stupid

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Military Bronies, Cavlary

As a retired Infantry Officer, Paratrooper and Combat Veteran every time I hear arguments about branches of the US Army my eyes glaze over. My mind goes to a happy place until the yammering between Loggie's, Docs, POGs, Pogues, Tread Heads, Zoomies, Gun Bunnies and civvie NoGOes has run its course. Since Infantry and Armor is the reason the Army exists I rarely join in and many times walk away during these time wasting circle jerks. However there is one particular group that is not really its own branch but a weird amalgamation of the Combat Arms.

The Cavalry is really only Infantry, Armor, Artillery and Aviation Task Organized into a Combined Arms Team. Given more training and dedicated Division/Corps assets. Their mission list is actually no different than any other task force in the military BUT since they can trace their unit heritage back to General Custer and the 9th Cavalry these troops are difficult to be around in a TOC, JOC or School. See, while assigned to their units they get to wear the Stetson cowboy hat and spurs. For some reason that goes waaaaaayyyyyy back before the hated 'Black Frisbee' Berets and Robert Duvall standing on a beach getting to wear that damned cowboy hat is a Recruit's wet dream. So every damned soldier that ever passed through Fort Knox, Hood or looked at an old Fulda Gap map shows up at Dress Mess events in boots, Spurs and the Stetson. Sergeant Majors and First Sergeants around the world spend more time getting rid of John Wayne hats than their primary job of finding new and interesting ways to use the standard issue PT reflective belts. These soldiers are truly a pain in the ass since usually this is their only true military distinction.

So to my old Cav-Scout buddies this new Bronie Cavalry Character is for you.......