Friday, June 21, 2013

Guest Hosting, Dale Gillespie's "TNT with Dale The Truth"

Pretty cool, I have been invited to guest host Dale Gillespie's radio show for the next few weeks. Honestly it does make me a bit nervous. I used to co-host and executive produce the "Geeks on Poker" and later the "Poker Night Radio" shows, been on numerous panels and given more live presentations than I care to remember. But with those gigs I was always the subject matter expert and the conversation was generally one way or at least very controlled. With Dale's audience I am going to have to be opinionated, get much louder and let my personal politics loose onto the world. And that my friends is what tempers my spirit.

Last night I was a last minute replacement and had a whole lot of help from Ed but next week I fly solo. What should I do here? Follow Dale's format, Long form interviews, etc... Really I am flying blind. So keep an eye out for next Thursday's show announcement. Perhaps we can tear down a few levels and see who the real players are in Louisville's own version of HBO's GOT???????????

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